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Why doesn’t my grid oscillate on my Progeny bucky?
  • Fuse may be blown, or check for proper wiring connections to Bucky.
  • Confirm that the 120VAC is measured between L and N in stand-by condition
  • If 120VAC is not measured across L and N check F3 on power distribution and relay board in generator.
  • Place a jumper between L and 3 to see if the grid oscillates, if not check red LED (home) is lit on the control board in bucky. If the LED is off, check that the grid flag is in the sensor. Readjust as necessary.
  • If the grid oscillates when you jump L and 3, then set the I/O to set all logic highs on the select and only set bucky start to logic high on exposure.
  • Grid needs to be in the home position in order to oscillate.

General Bucky Questions

How do I connect the bucky wires to a GX/MP or AP/ATC/MPX/APX generator?
Answer: Please refer to the Bucky Connections and Service Guide document.
How do I connect the bucky wires to a CM series generator?
Answer: Please refer to the CPI CMP, Millenia and Indico Bucky Interface Guide in the CPI Technical Documents Section of our website to be informed of the connections.
Why do the grids of both buckys begin to oscillate without command, after the CM series generator is powered on?
Answer: The H.V. auxiliary board has a snubber network for each bucky drive to preserve the relay contacts from high potential arcs. The snubber networks are not needed for the buckys we use. To disable the snubber networks, clip resistors R2 and R15 on the board.