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Overhead Tube Cranes



After calibrating SID on systems with manual collimators. Why is my SID off by 3 inches to the film plane in normal mode?
Answer: In calibration, when the step reads move tube lift 19.7 inches to tabletop, the measurement should be made to the film plane.
Why do I experience 302.11 errors? No communication recognized from touch screen.
Answer: Check V7 and V8 status on the PSU Board in wallbox. If they are not lit, there has been a loss of the CAN bus power supply. Check Ethernet connections between touch screen,
SKU pcb in carriage above and PSU on wall.
Why doesn’t my touch screen display an SID on a system equipped with Ralco Auto-collimator?
Answer: This is normal. We blank the SID using a fixed resistor. The actual feedback pot of the OTC connects to the Ralco auto-collimator interface to display and track SID on the Auto-collimator only.
OTC-12 stops hard when a detent is reached. Too sensitive. What should I do?
Answer: Speed limit for lock activation in SCU Configuration set to higher sensitivity with faster movement. It should be set to 125mm/s.
When I move the OTC longitudinally with the X-Ray tube at zero degrees, the horizontal detents activate the longitudinal locks. Why?
Answer: The OTC-12 does not distinguish 0 and 90 degree tube angles for the horizontal detents program. This is normal. The detents will be ignored when the OTC-12 is moved at a faster rate. Be certain that the speed limit is set for 125mm/s so that the OTC can be moved at the fastest possible rate without detent activation. As an option, the OTC-12 can be configured to ignore these detents when only the all locks handle switches are used in order to move the OTC at a slower speed without interruption.
What is the minimum ceiling height that I need to install my OTC12 tube crane?
Answer: The minimum ceiling height for OTC12 tube crane is 9’0’’ (282cm)’but recommended ceiling height is 9’3’’.
What is the requested ceiling height for maximum performance?
Answer: 9.0‘
What are the standard length long rails sold with a OTC12 tube crane?
Answer: Standard Long Rails are 14’ long.
Does this tube crane have electromagnetic locks?
Answer: Yes, Fail Safe.
Is this OTC12 tube crane ETL Listed and CE Marked?
Answer: Yes, ETL-UL listed equivalent and CE mark.
What is the pass code to calibrate the touch screen?
Answer: Pass code is 2103.

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How do you calibrate the OTC-10?
Answer: You will need to use a laptop interfaced to the D50 Board using a null modem serial cable.The Multix Service Software application can be downloaded from our website and needs to be installed into your laptop.
Longitudinal or transverse locks are not releasing when the membrane switches depressed. Voltage is measured at the magnet when switch depressed. Why?
Answer: The locks of the OTC-10 are the failsafe type. Voltage is applied to the magnet to magnetize the friction plate to it. When the brake assembly is out of adjustment or replaced, the friction plate and magnet spacing is too wide. While energizing the magnet with the switch or software, compress the friction plate toward the magnet until it grabs the friction plate. Once the assembly is adjusted to the rail and tightened down, the spacing between the friction plate and magnet will be minimized when the magnet de-energizes.
In calibration, the login window asks for a username and password. What are they?
Answer: The system doesn’t require a user name and is left blank. However, the password is “Multix”.
Horizontal detents are not energizing the long locks as well as display 40 or 72 on the handlebar. Why?
Answer: In addition to horizontal SID calibration, the longitudinal pot that rides the gear strip in the rear rail may have skipped with use. Re-check the zero reference point in calibration for this pot before executing horizontal SID calibration.
Does Del provide an extension kit to position the X-Ray tube closer to the floor?
Answer: Siemens offers an extension kit that is approximately 8” in length. You can order this part from Del Medical with part number 3071003. The Kit is complete with instructions to
perform the installation.

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I replaced my display board in the handlebar asm and now some of the locks work backwards. What should I do?
Answer: When you reprogram the handlebar asm when it ask you to select DFMTS say no Select DCTM.

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What is the recommended ceiling height for OTC-3?
Answer: The Recommended Ceiling height is 9’3’’ Please refer to OTC-3 site planning guide for further details.
The hoses on my OTC-3 are splitting apart from stress. Are replacement hoses available?
Answer: Actually a vinyl wrap has replaced the hose tubing. You can order a vinyl wrap retrofit kit – part# 122-5456G1 to eliminate the problem.
What is the total weight of the OTC-3 to know if my ceiling supports are adequate?
Answer: The total weight to include the rails, bridge and the tube crane assembly is 654 pounds. Adding the X-Ray Tube and collimator can add approximate weight of 75 pounds depending on the x-ray tube. Please refer to OTC-3 site planning for further details.
My tube crane does not move smoothly lateral and longitudinally with power off. What should I do?
  • You may possibly have dirty rails, faulty bearings, or faulty locks.
  • Inspect rails for debris or damage to bearing surface.
  • Inspect bearings.
  • Inspect magnetic lock assemblies.
Why won’t my lateral locks turn on?
  • You may have a defective push button switch.
  • If the lateral lock status LED remains on when the lateral lock button is pressed, replace the key panel.

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