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X-Ray Tubes


My Toshiba X-Ray tube Model E7239FX / UX51H/39 has very loud rotor noises. What can I do about this?
Answer: Measure the coast time of the rotor at + or -15 degrees if it measure less than 25 seconds it could be bad. If it is louder than 69 decibels it may also be bad.
I tried to mount the X-Ray tube to the tubestand and stripped out the threads in the X-Ray Tube. What can I do now to mount the tube safely?
Answer: You can purchase a Heli-Coil Kit that includes correct size Heli-Coils for bolts being used as well as a Heli-Coil Insertion tool at most auto parts stores.
What is the warranty period for my Toshiba X-Ray tube?
Answer: Toshiba and Varian tubes carry a 1 year warranty period with no proration period. Dunlee prorates their X-Ray tubes based on a 24 month period.
My X-Ray tube does not seem to be rotating at a desired speed. What could the problem be?
Answer: It is possible that as incorrect phase shift capacitor is installed. Please refer to the manufacturers recommended capacitance value for tube model being installed.

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