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DV Choice

Why won’t my vertical carriage lock hold anymore?
  • Check the lock asm on the back of the column it may be falling apart and needs to be replaced
  • Check to make sure your lock coil has 24VDC going to it.
My horizontal locks are sticking and sometimes they won’t let go easily. What should I do about this?
Answer: Replace them.
How come my tube roll feature is very hard to rotate to the table and wall?
Answer: One or both cone roll lock bearings may be defective and needs to be replaced.
Why won’t my tube roll locks hold very well between detents anymore when I rotate it to the wallstand, sometimes the tube drifts down?
  • Clean the brake disc and the roll lock magnet with alcohol they are not holding because they could be dirty.
  • If cleaning them doesn't work replace the brake disc and magnets
Why are all of my tubestand locks not working?
  • Make sure power is turned on.
  • Make sure that the power source circuit breaker is turned on
  • Check the junction box fuse F1 is not blown.
  • Check power supply fuses according to power supply manual
What is the user name and password for the DV Choice Acquisition?
  • Username: administrator
  • Password: "Blank" – empty
What’s the proper procedure to acquire an X-Ray image in Xcap?
Answer: With the touch-screen, first select your view, next select body part, cm measurement from the cm drop box, and finally your on screen generator console will appear and you are now ready to take an X-ray with your foot-switch.
How do I burn a patient CD?
Answer: When you are in a patient study list, select the appreciate patientandrsquo;s study you would like to burn to CD. Click the thumbnail button. Once you are in Thumbnail mode click the export button located at the top right. Insert your blank CD. Once the CD is ready for processing click the copy/create cd burn button that appears.
Why is my touch screen accuracy off?
Answer: Try to re-calibrate it with the Calibration shortcut located on the Windows Desktop.
I am not able to acquire an image, what should I do?
Answer: Please check that the camera capture card is plugged in to the right port on the camera capture card in the PC. If it is plugged into the right port you will see one green and one red LED lit.


Why do I experience no exposure after prep?
Answer: The typical reason for this is that the prep ready signal was not completed by the Rotor board by energizing K4 (124-5006P1), K5(124-5076G1) to complete the exposure signal path into the Main Board. You can check LED1 or D9 on the respected board to determine a ready signal.
Why can’t I make a second exposure unless I cycle power?
Answer: This is an indication that the mA overload was tripped. This can be caused by the mA calibrated too high or if the high tension tank is breaking down. The latter can be determined by performing a no load test. If mA is produced during this test, replace the high tension tank.
What is meant by the term Sure Prep?
Answer: Sure Prep was made standard on later models to allow prep hold for approximately 1 minute. A single stage footswitch is depressed once to start this action which will automatically turn on the collimator lamp for the same time interval. During this interval, the footswitch can be depressed a second time to make an exposure.
Where can I connect a mAs meter?
Answer: There are basically two places depending on your meter. If it respond to an AC output, disconnect the M1 wire at TS4-4 and connect the meter in series. If the meter responds to DC, remove the jumper clip between TS4- 5 and 6 and connect your meter accordingly. Don’t forget to put this clip back when done.
What does the “E” mean when I select a particular mA station?
Answer: This means an error has occurred. It is usually an open connection between the mA switch and the H11 connector. Check terminations inside the H11 connector on the Main Board. Contact Tech Support if the problem persists.

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